Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Marant Haunt

I swear this Isabel Marant sweater is haunting me.
It's following me. I see it in magazines, in ads, on celebrities, on blogs, in stores. I went to the Water Tower Place to run a few errands today, and I saw this sweater there. In Water Tower Place. Tell me where in this tower I would find an Isabel Marant anything, and yet, there it was in Cusp, taunting, Look, but don't touch. I've been looking for a decent replacement sweater but no luck yet. Maybe I'll find a good one in New York (!!!). That's right, you gorgeous people -- I'm going to New York on Friday!

Jet-setting and job-hunting. Catch me (this spring break) if you can!


Heidi said...

I love this. I also miss going into Cusp and ogling at everything I want but can't afford. Hahaha--

bvp said...

wait. this exact same jumper has been following ME as well!!! finding it's replacement is..... painful. :(