Friday, March 18, 2011

Cool Girl

I must've missed the memo. It's summer in New York. It. Is. Stinking. Hot. And I love it.

Another memo I must've missed: tough + girly chic. The thing I've always loved about New York (not that I've been here more than a few times) is everyone's utter fearlessness when it comes to style. People are so open and free about expressing themselves through their personal style. Cropped harem sweats, combat boots, and over-sized sunnies? Okay, that's cool. Black head-to-toe (in this weather) and five-inch platform heels? No problem. A man with rolled jeans and pennies? How neat is that?!

There's nowhere else really like New York in that sense. Except maybe Europe, but that's a completely different continent. (Example: when I find a really fantastic fur coat, I can't justify buying it. When would I ever wear it? I always say, "If I were in New York, I would totally get this." But I'm not.)

I digress. My point is: even amongst all the individualism (oxymoron not intended), you can definitely pick out the fashion junkies, and I've been seeing a whole lot of tough girl leather jackets (yes, in this weather--you New York gals are fierce!) over pastel girly girl chiffon.

I would pair this:
with this for day:
and for night:
Voila! Instant cool girl vibe.

New York, where have you been all my life?

(photos via pinterestthis is glamorous)

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