Friday, March 18, 2011

I __ New York

I got robbed today. Oh, "robbed" makes it sound so much worse than it is. I got pick-pocketed. I had to kill some time while waiting for my cousin to get off work, went to a Starbucks and got robbed. Praise the Lord I didn't bring my camera or any other valuables with me. They only took my wallet, and I hope they had fun with that because I had a dollar to my name and I cancelled all my cards the moment I found out it was gone (which I confirmed weren't used).

Well, I can definitely say it was an experience. I've never been inside a police station before. I always thought those Brooklyn police scenes/gags were complete cliches, but it turns out they're for real.

Thanks New York. Hello to you, too.

(photo via pinterest)

1 comment:

bvp said...

those bastards.

pardon my language. but it seemed appropriate for the moment. and i found it fitting for the scene as well :p