Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What The Cool Kids Do


And yes, that's a vague quasi-excuse for my negligence.

I won't get into the details of what I've been busy with because it would bore you to tears, but I have a post coming up about post-college worries anyhow, so wait you will with bated breath. (Yes, I'm taking a poetry class and I am most definitely not a poet -- can you tell?) In the meantime, I've been the busy bee collector I always am, building up links and hoarding magazines, etc., and I've been feeling very literary lately --

And while I was visiting the Religious Studies Department I found a "FREE BOOKS" bin. It kind of made my day cause I found these jewels:
Andre Dubu's Selected Stories
The Shack by William P. Young
(A jewel, maybe not so much, but a close friend recommended it to me.)

NY Mag's The Apartment issue -- read this one! And loved every minute of it.
NY Mag: Around the World in 50 Pages
I just found this quarterly which just launched (it's on its second issue), and I love the concept! Complete lack of writing, but hopefully they'll get that sorted cause a culture-based magazine needs good writing.

And I'm currently reading:
I could not wait to get started on this one so I'm working through it right now. And so far, it's everything I thought it would be and so, so, so much more. Which is what I say every time I read a piece by Didion. I'm telling you...this woman...she...okay I have to stop myself because if I don't, I 'm going to say something heretical, but you get it. She is that good. And this book is just -- UGH. It's grief on paper. And tell me, how in the world is that possible? Love and grief -- the two worldly phenomena that can't be explained, and she's done it all.

Some literary food on the internet:
+ How sweet are these wedding slideshows from NY Mag?
+ I need this. Like, now, immediately, maintenant, jikeum, (how do you say it in Chinese?).
+ I just found out about Denizen Kane. And where are all of these amazing lyrics/short stories?! (Not on the Internet)

Do I sound like a geek yet? Good.

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