Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Sugar-Free Life, Day 2

And I'm about to trade in my right arm for a cookie to go with my morning coffee.

Would you like to know what happened on day one of my sugar-free life? I announced to my boyfriend, my never-eating-dessert-doesn't-even-enjoy-sweets boyfriend, that I wanted to go cold turkey on refined sugar (so fruits are okay) for a few weeks just to kick my need for a daily fix, and he came home with this:

I'm not even joking. This man NEVER buys junk food let alone freaking cookies. Keebler rainbow cookies. I can't even make stuff like this up. It's sick.

Sigh. Well, here is my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe in the Whole Wide World (which is saying a lot because, well, I've made a lot). Bake them. Because I can't.

(image via Pioneer Woman)

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