Monday, February 27, 2012


Normally, I'll do a rundown of my favorites from the Oscars red carpet, but honestly, after Brad and Angie showed up, who else mattered? I know my brain internally combusted and couldn't create a coherent thought after they made their entrance, so I'll just make this an ode to Brangelina.

Can someone tell me what universe these people come from? And can I go there?

P.S. That leg got a LOT of action last night.
(all images via Google Images)


Heidi said...

Dude... I did not like her look at the Oscars. Plus, she is like.. grossly skinny, and her leg thing was so awkward to me!

Look how far apart her legs are! Haha.

Okay, but in all fairness, she and Brad are beauteous.

Esther said...

Yeah, I don't know why she was doing that...she's usually really chill about the whole thing.

As to her skinniness, I feel like ragging on skinny girls is the same thing as ragging on a girl for being too fat. She's got like twenty kids, right? I'm assuming that has to do with it

Heidi said...

Mm, yeah, I hope that's it. She just looked much skinnier than usual, though... You can tell even in the pics you posted.