Thursday, January 26, 2012

The One

And I thought finding a dress would be the hard part, and yet, here it is. I would get married in this Phillip Lim dress faster than you can say, "I do." I'm actually really excited to look through non-wedding gowns for my nuptials, because it's a good deal cheaper than actual wedding dresses and it's an excuse to make my first "real dress" purchase. Plus, I'll be able to wear and enjoy it as a part of my permanent wardrobe instead of storing it in a vacuum-sealed box in a temp-controlled room. (Please don't do that -- beautiful dresses are meant to have adventures!) 

Although on second thought... it might not look as amazing on me as it does on the six-foot, size zero model. I just don't want to look like an inverted hot air balloon when I'm wedding the love of my life, you feel me?

(image c/o la garconne and very cool wedding blog a.k.a. Rosebrook Meyer NYC)

P.S. Yes, I've noticed the same million and a half stories on "single women planning nonexistent weddings." (I've only read four. There's just too many.) Let's be honest, this isn't a new phenomenon at, all. It is now a publicly displayed phenomenon thanks to the Internet. And besides all that, when did it become a crime to look at stunning couture gowns and impeccably hosted celebrations? Chic is chic. Ain't no shame or desperation in that.

And speaking of chic, a Valentino and Prada clad couple and a Ralph Lauren bride.

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Shanelé said...

love the back of chic!