Friday, December 2, 2011


Some of the coolest styling (and the prettiest models) I've ever seen. (Except for the excessive use of Jeffrey Campbells. If I see another Lita bootie, I'm going to have a physical reaction.) Stylists take note: this is good business. Like, a pink furry jacket? Really? How often would I wear that thing? But the styling makes me think that pink fuzzy thing is the new key must-have addition to my closet. I'll be wearing it every single day! I need to have it, right? (The answer is no. No one needs a pink fur coat.) It's the perfect mix of Korean and American retail, as in not too fobby but definitely more exciting than, say, Zara.

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Wedekind said...

Awesome inspiration!

Check Vienna WEDEKIND out as well, you'll like it!