Friday, August 12, 2011

The Twin Cities

Last week, I got to tag along to an event my company was hosting in Minneapolis a.k.a. City of the Strangest Names (Minnehaha) and the Sweetest People on the Planet. Everyone calls you "lovey" or "dovey" or "lovey-dovey," and every time I heard that off-kilter Minnesotan accent, I mean, how can you not smile? Maybe I've just been in Chicago too long.

The point is, we stayed at the W Minneapolis at The Foshay, and it was...kind of incredible. The last time I stayed at the W was at the Times Square, New York with my mother, and from what I remember, it was too much, sleazy, and all wrong. But take a look at this one --
You can't really see it, but there are little welcome letters on the desk. Details, my friends!
Foyer -- maybe the sleaze-lessness and charm comes from the building being so old. The Foshay is an art deco building from the 1920s.
I can't get a good photo, but these high back chairs were paired all along the foyer, and they were my favorite part.

Yeah, it was still a little too much, but sometimes more is more.

P.S. I studied for the GREs last night. The things Norman gets me to do...

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Heidi said...

Those are some.. neon rooms. Hahahaha. And giiiirl. Getting to stay at the W?! Look at you!!! :)