Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Girl in the Fall

Fall's a-coming. I feel it in my bones. And in my clothes.
Recent purchases from H&M, TopShop, Forever 21, Craigslist and my closet. I completely forgot about that last Rodarte for Target raincoat, and it's become a part of my regular rotation in addition to my HALSTON DRESS. That was the Craigslist steal (of that week :P). AND more exciting news: I fit into my little little black dress. The best part of post-college life -- a regular diet and sleeping schedule.
Black leather panelled pencil and floral chiffon skirts from Forever.
The H&M motorcycle boots at the far right -- it was love at first sight.

I love you, Summer, but when it comes to fashion, Fall is the beginning and end of my year.

P.S. If any of you know where I can get a coat like this one:
Send it my way. Don't you hate it how TopShop doesn't sell 90% of the stuff in their lookbook?


diane said...

so. jealous.

Heidi said...

Why aren't you in Chicago this weekend. :( :( :( I was so looking forward to a day of shopping and eating with you. :(