Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Girl's Best Friend

A friend of mine introduced me to JewelMint, which is the subscription jewelry site started by *STYLE IDOL* Kate Bosworth, and I'm obsessed! I'm not a jewelry hoarder, but I do love - love - finding really great investment pieces that work with everything (also known as shower jewelry). A few well thought out necklaces or a really great watch changes that cute H&M top your wearing into your individually styled ensemble (and could make it look worth $$$ more). And each piece is only $30!! (And that's a bargain cause if I'm buying jewelry, I better be able to wear it all day, errday.)
I just received my first purchase (the Soulmate Bangle), and needless to say, it's going into my rotation immediately.
And if that isn't convincing, just get it for the pretty box.

I am clearly not getting paid for this promotion since I have a total of five readers, including my mom, my boyfriend (who thankfully doesn't wear things like "Soulmate Bangles") and myself, so I'm telling you as an honest and good friend -- give it a shot.


jenny said...

very pretty!!
and i will always be your faithful reader :)

diane said...

I LIKE! also, i better be one of those five readers. or maybe you really have six.

Heidi said...

I've heard of this! I must now revisit... :)